Saturday, December 03, 2011

Recovery from a 60 HR Week

wow....So as most of my readers know that I work overnights for an
fulfillment center and have recently transferred from southeast Kansas to Columbia, SC.  During the holiday season or as we say at work "Peak" time is an escalated level of shipping out products from our warehouse meaning managing extra workers and long hours.  On top of all this chaos is that here in Columbia, South Carolina is a brand new center getting through the new smell, managers and people.  I am not new to 60 hour weeks and high level stress of logistics and tasks needing accomplished an hour ago.  But on this day, Friday December 3 2011, making it home around 7 am I soon was asleep and stayed asleep till @ 4pm.  Thought I would at least see what the world was up to checking my email,  google news, Huffington Post, Facebook and twitter to make sure I didn't miss anything.  Oh yea lets not forget I did pee, look out the deck to see what the weather was doing, slurped a bowl of corn flakes and yes...went back to bed.  I wake back up at 10pm...this time starving and need to get up, ordered Dominoes watched some cheesy cable shows, a bit of VH1 That Metal Show and now wishing I didn't sleep so much being wide awake at 3 am.  My clothes are on my floor, coffee cups and cereal bowls are still in the sink, my shower towel from Thursday is still on the bathroom floor and shaving cream and the blade I used still on the counter.  Also still spots on the mirror and the shower curtain not closed.  The results is that this is the most relaxed and recovered I have felt in a long time.  Yes, Life is Good :-)

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you Lance we are on 55 hour weeks in OB nightd only, on top of crappy rain (glad it's not snow)I have been sick. However I do love Amazon and I will endure for the next three weeks of 'PEAK' !!! Glad your doing good.

Elizabeth Quintana

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