Thursday, March 21, 2013

May Just Need to do a Jitter Dance

           I was given feedback from one of my senior operational managers last night that has really let me relax and smile about many things going on right now.   He stated I am more relaxed and smooth compared to this past holiday peak season.  He added it is showing in the high level of effectiveness of my department.  Publicly I thank Piero Barron for that feedback.  At times I would walk out at the end of the shift and thank God "that day is over".  This feedback let me walk out even more relaxed, confident and a short "jitter" dance as I was leaving work.  I lost some anger towards work and  when I return after my weekend, I am confident I will have a good day at work. 

      Life events in my life this week reached a drama peak that it shouldn't have.  After feeling relaxed from work looking at the one of this week's situation, I discovered it  really had nothing to do with me directly.  I needed to let it go and move on.  The other happenings this week involved 3 families within my circles from my hometown area in Missouri all within days of each other.    Sadly it involved the  actions of suicide.  I do not claim to understand or judge of one or their loved ones that take their own life.   I am not close enough of those to understand or need to know what their story is.  I have learned from my closest friend that lost a son to taking his own life the importance of not only judging of the victim but also not judging the  loved ones involved.  I say again, the story is not need to be known.  It still is questioning to myself to ask why.  But how I choose to react to that question is to  say a prayer and move on is the most I know how to do at the moment.  

     In life itself, I'm  wondering if we just take a moment and just need to do a dance.  A few of my crew members at work ask for me to do this little "jitter" dance that watching a 49 year old doing this dance is humorous to them.  It puts a laugh and a smile for others and it does the same for me that I takes a moment to just do a dance no matter how stressful and nutty things are going.  After a few seconds of the "jitter" all issues that were currently on fire began to dim down a bit and could see what needed to be stirred and placed to run smoothly.  

     So if my everyday life drama seems to become overwhelming. My 8 to 10 second "jitter" dance lowers the level of that drama enough to move on, 

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